The dates of our regatta are exclusive: from 15 to 17th of November, 2019. The participants may have the yacht from 9 to 14th of November in any day they prefer and start training before races. You can check in the yacht any day from Saturday through Thursday. The participants may comfortably accommodate in nearby hotels or apartments of Vodice and Biograd-na-Moru. It’s already warm in Croatia at this period: 18-22°C in the day time, 10-15°C I the night. Such weather is perfect for competition process: it is not hot in November and the wind is steady. Don’t miss the opportunity to be charged with positive energy and have a great rest before long winter!

From Monday till Wednesday, November 13

  • Crews may start training near buoys placed in Pirovac area.

  • Tour on “More boats” factory. Everyone interested in yachting may see the way yachts are made from the ground up and pose questions to mechanics and engineers.

  • Seminar “Investments in yachting”.

Thursday, November 14

09:00 -12:00 – Registration in regatta, paperwork, payment of deposit

13:00 – Briefing for skippers

15:00 – Training race ”UP-DOWN” in Murter water area

18:00 – Return to home port

19:00 – Opening of regatta/stage, festive dinner. Introduction of crews and sponsors.

Friday, November 15

09:00 – Briefing for skippers

11:00-17:00 - ”UP-DOWN” loop races, 3 races approximately

18:00 - Return to home port

19:00 – Dinner, announcements of results of the day

Saturday, November 16

09:00 – Briefing for skippers

11:00-1800 - Offshore races

19:00 - Return to home port

20:00 – Party on shore, barbeque, night entertaining program, discotheque, beer. Announcements of the results of the day.

Sunday, November 17

09:00 – Briefing for skippers

10:00-16:00 - ”UP-DOWN” races, 3 races approximately

17:00 - Return to home port

17:00-19:00 – Yacht check out

20:00 – Gala dinner. Awarding of the winners of the Stage 3. Awarding of the winners of “The Matryoshka Sailing Cup” ceremony. Presenting of cups and  prizes. Discoteque.

Monday, November 18

  • 09:00 – The participants quit the yachts


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Participation, organization, cooperation issues.

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Regatta manager

Viktoria Logushkina


Cooperation issues.

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CEO of Aquatoria Yachting

Yury Logushkin

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